• 2023 Mt Midoriyama Classic Edition Pet Nat

2023 Mt Midoriyama Classic Edition Pet Nat

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King Valley
OK so... we used to call this our party pet nat, which was kind of lame, but also kind of accurate. This resulted from the power of 20% Chardonnay we used to add to the mix. Now however we are going the 100% Dolcetto route, because after changing vineyards a couple of years ago the brambly nectarine gold of the Dolcetto was too great to mess with! So, now, it is still very much a delightful bubbly quaffer but it just has that little savoury edge to make this the full package. This is a sparkling rosé that's as fresh as swimming in the ocean once you get past your belly button but serious enough to be that little bit Dame Judy Dench: saline, fruity and more than a little bit sexy.

Production notes:
100% Dolcetto The fruit was transported to the winery and pressed immediately hard and slow yielding roughly 70% extraction. The wine was then naturally fermented reaching a maximum temperature of 24 degrees in the cooler than average vintage. Bottled with 16 grams of residual sugar per litre. Inverted and chilled, then each bottle was hand disgorged, tipped, topped, re-capped, cleaned, dried, labeled and boxed for your drinking pleasure.  

Tasting notes:
Hints of rhubarb, nectarine and strawberry with a mineral mid-palate. Disgorged super clean and an excellent fizz without gushing. Well made little pet nat this one.
- Konpira Maru