• NV Cloak & Dagger Prosecco Piccolo 200ml x 3 Pack

NV Cloak & Dagger Prosecco Piccolo 200ml x 3 Pack

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Central Victoria
What grape varieties are in this wine?
100% Prosecco
Where are the grapes grown?
Avenel - Central Victoria.
What does it smell like?
Vibrant granny smith apples and freshly squeezed lemons leap from the glass, with subtle undertones of fresh linen flapping in a summer breeze.
How about the taste?
Crunchy apples and lemons zing across the palate. Crisp and dry, this sparkling is bright and cleansing with a long crisp finish
What food goes with this wine?
Pair with sashimi - pure bliss, or start the day with a bang and have it with fancy scrambled eggs with smoked trout and snow pea shoots.
How is the wine made?
We ensure the grapes stay cold and fresh by harvesting them in the cool of the dawn. We crush them up a little and then press out all the juice. The juice was cold settled for 48 hours before being racked off solids so that we are only using the super clear and bright juice. We use a selected yeast strain to ferment long and cool which helps us achieve a crisp, aromatic, delicious Prosecco! The base wine then has to undergo a secondary fermentation under pressure so that the natural CO2 that is created is captured in the wine and voila you have creamy tight little bubbles!
Does this wine spend any time in oak barrels?
Nope - all stainless tank for this baby.
Winemakers Comments
For us this Prosecco was all about creating a crisp, clean sparkling true to the Italian style. Prosecco can be quite neutral however, so it was important for us to create some interest and excitement with elevated aromatics on the nose and palate. We also kept it on the dryer side.
- Cloak & Dagger