• 2023 Melbourne Sake TM

2023 Melbourne Sake TM

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Tachiminori (RPR 90%) from Nimbin
Muroka, Nama, Genshu
25% Koji Ratio, Yeast 9 - aromatic and floral, low-temperature fermentation so the yeast has a chance to build some delicacy and freshness around the robust and rich riceyness that 90% polished gives.
Tachiminori is from an independent family farm near Nimbin. They use BD practices, fallow years, plant cover crops and are salt of the earth cool people.

Milk chocolate, waffles, crumpets, honey, wafers, fresh strawberries, red currants, lemon.
High in acidity like Erbaluce grapes with dryness like Timorasso grapes.
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