• 2022 Municipal Love Mountain Aiyama Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

2022 Municipal Love Mountain Aiyama Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

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Matsuse Shuzo in Ryuo, Shiga
Aiyama (RPR 50%)
Grade: Junmai Daiginjo 純米大吟醸
Koji Rice 麹米: Aiyama 愛山 (Love Mountain)
Kake Rice 掛米: Aiyama 愛山 (Love Mountain)
Rice Region: Kato-shi 加東市; Hyogo Prefecture 兵庫県 (Japans most prestigious sake rice growing area)
Rice Quality: Tokujo 特上 (Best Quality)
Rice Scale: 800kg
Koji 麹: Hai G
Yeast 酵母: 901
Polish 精米歩合: 50%
Production: 60 Cases
Bottled: March 2023
Alcohol: 16.1%
Fermentation: 8 day Starter (Shubo) Ferment kept at 20 deg to build a good yeast population before
being chilled to 8 deg for the start of Moromi, followed by a low and slow 31 day Fermentation
(Moromi) with a maximum temperature of 11 deg to produce a delicate, complex and lifted sake.
Filtration/Fining: Unfiltered and Unfined
Pasteurisation: Pasteurised once only just before bottling (Nama Chozo - 生貯蔵) The sake is heated to 65°C however it is only kept at that temperature for 1 or 2 seconds instead of the usual 30 minutes. The shorter pasteurisation helps to keep more of the delicate aromas and flavours.
Bottling: 5 days post Fermentation
Tasting Note:
a) Clear bright, water white
n) Super fresh, lifted and complex, clean and delicate with subtle white floral, granny smith apple, melon, stone fruit and limestone aromas
p) Amazing purity with exquisite white peach, white blossom, melon and mineral notes, lovely texture, a quick clean finish with excellent structure and a slight creamy edge.
- Municipal Wines