• 2023 Terada Honke Gonin Musume Kameno-O 720ml

2023 Terada Honke Gonin Musume Kameno-O 720ml

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Chiba, Japan
Kamenoo (RPR 70%)
Muroka, Nama, Genshu
Established in 1673, Terada Honke have been brewing continuously for over 345 years. They are purveyors of only natural yeast brewing, working almost exclusively with traditional Kimoto & Yamahai starter methods.
Terada-san has grown Kameno-o for around 5 years and this is 100% from his own organically grown Kameno-o. Normally he has used this rice type in other Sake often blended with other varieties. This is the first time he has made a Sake from straight Kameno-o. Kameno-o is an heirloom Rice variety that is actually a table rice variety and generally shows a great aroma and powerful taste.
- Black Market Sake