• Senkin Modern Kamenoo

Senkin Modern Kamenoo

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Senkin in Sakura, Tochigi
Yamadanishiki (Koji, RPR 50%), Kamenoo (Kake, RPR 60%) from Domaine Sakura
Muroka, Genshu
Kamenoo is one of the few pure rice strains left in Japan. More rice varieties existing today are cross breeding. In the autumn time, the rice growing scene in golden fields is bursting with energy. Komenoo is feminine yet wild in feature. Kamenoo rice is very challenging rice to use in brewing sake, and we brew it in full of respect. 
Modern Senkin Kamenoo has an elegant bouquet of Lychee and apricot. It is brimming with refined sweetness, dense and silky, coming harmoniously with refreshing acidity, exhibiting depth and complexity. 
- Senkin