• Amahagan World Malt Whisky Edition Yamazakura Wood Finish 700ml

Amahagan World Malt Whisky Edition Yamazakura Wood Finish 700ml

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Nagahama Distillery in Nagahama, Shiga
Nagahama Distillery is located in Nagahama city in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The distillery is located next to the beautiful Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. Nagahama started distilling in 2016, sharing its space with their restaurant and brewery (Nagahama Roman Brewery) both of which have been operating since 1996. Nagahama Distillery is considered Japans smallest distillery measuring at only 26 square meters. Their Alembic pot stills are also the smallest in Japan. The distillery releases Single Malt Japanese Whiskies, Grain Whiskies as well as the Amahagan World Malt Whisky series which is a blend of imported scotch malt whisky and Nagahamas own malt whisky. These whiskies are matured in various types of casks to encourage diversity in taste. With the approval of local government, whisky barrels are stored in old tunnels that are no longer in use, but were once used by cars to travel across Shigas countryside... as well as an abandoned school.
Yellow in colour
Vanilla, dehydrated apple, stone fruit and Riesling on the nose
Lots of citrus, caramel and white pepper on the palate