• 2022 Ricca Terra Vermentino

2022 Ricca Terra Vermentino

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Vermentino was one of the very first alternative grape varieties we cultivated and harvested. While almost unknown in Australia a decade ago, our attraction to this variety was its large round golden berries, plus its ability to produce soft textured wines. At Ricca Terra the Vermentino is hand pruned so bud numbers are controlled, therefore maintaining a balanced cropping level. Hand picking this variety is a pleasure due to the large bunches. 
The aim is to hand pick at close to 12.5 Baume. Once harvested the grapes are stored in a cool rooms awaiting collection (grapes are transported in a refrigerated truck). At the winery the grapes are gently crushed and allowed to ferment in stainless steel vessels. The fermentation process is done via natural yeast that comes with the grapes to the winery. In addition, no animal products are used to clarify the wine. 
- Ricca Terra Vintners