• 2013 Chateau Suduiraut Lions de Suduiraut Sauternes 375ml

2013 Chateau Suduiraut Lions de Suduiraut Sauternes 375ml

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Semillon 85%, Sauvignon Blanc 15%
Lions de Suduiraut is an ideal introduction to Sauternes. This wine has been specifically designed to reveal the pleasures of taste provided by Sauternes wines. With a blending style that is absolutely unique, this wine is more velvety, fresh and mineral than other wines in the range. With a more creative profile, modern and easily approachable, it is an ideal complement to any social or festive event: for happy hours, light meals, or as an aperitif...
2013 was, however, a year riddled with pitfalls: first of all we had over 500 mm of rainfall in 6 months with cool temperatures, hindering the growth of vines and generating a significant risk of mildew. We therefore had to increase summer pruning. Unfortunately the cold weather nonetheless caused blossom drop during flowering, which subsequently affected yields. Luckily, very warm, dry weather set in from July 1st. Summer conditions were favourable for ripening, and the quality was exceptional.
From the start of the harvest we found that concentrations were worthy of the greatest vintages and we picked some very fine batches until October 3rd. Rain throughout the weekend brought things to a halt until October 7th. We ended the first picking on October 14th and immediately started the second, as we found beautiful grapes with significant concentration in every plot. The third and last picking overlapped with the second as each terroir developed at a different pace and we had to juggle operations until October 22nd while continuing to pay close attention to the grapes' concentration and their state of health. We finished on October 30th, just before severe rainfall, with the feeling that we had a great vintage...
The colour of Lions de Suduiraut 2013 is golden yellow with greenish tints. The nose is crisp, fresh and floral, gradually revealing notes of fresh fruit such as pear and peach. On the palate, all the concentrated flavour of 2013 is present but is underpinned by great liveliness. The crispness of fruit is very much in evidence and the finish is clean, with notes of citrus leading into mineral flavours. This is a very fine example of the distinctive Lions de Suduiraut style in a great vintage.
Ageing: 15% in new barrels, 85% in old barrels for 15 months
- Chateau Suduiraut