• 2015 Chateau Guiraud Sauternes 375ml

2015 Chateau Guiraud Sauternes 375ml

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Semillon 65%, Sauvignon Blanc 35%
Vines area: 85 ha.
Vine density: 6600 plants/ ha
Average age of the vines: 25-30 years old Blending: 65% sémillon, 35% sauvignon
VINEYARD MANAGEMENTChâteau Guiraud got Organic Farming certification in early 2011 and has managed the vineyard using organic methods since 1996.
2015 is the 5th vintage to be certified as organic.
TERROIRSoils: sandy gravels 80%, 20% clay gravels.
Subsoils: deep translucent sand, pure gravels crossed by red clay and limestone marls, fossilized oyster beds and red and white clayHARVESTBeginning: September 7
End: October 8
Manual picking only, by several sortings on botrytised berries. A minimum potential charge of 20% alcohol is required to start the harvest.
Total pickings: 4
Main pickings: 2nd and 3rdVINIFICATIONFermentation: in oak barrels 90% new 10% from a first wine lasts 3 to 6 weeks
Ageing: in barrels for 18 to 24 monthsPRODUCTIONIn average: 80.000 bottles per year 2015 Production: ca.70.000 bottles 2015 Yield: 12 hl/ha
Comment about the vintage by Xavier Planty,
co-owner and manager
After 3 years of relatively cold temperatures, the heat finally arrived in 2015! From springtime onwards, we had a beautiful run of weather, with higher than average temperatures allowing the vines to blossom week early. Temperatures in June and July peaked at over 40°C, meaning that grapes could ripen early. Slightly cooler weather and sporadic rain provided the perfect conditions for « liquid gold ». Our organic methods allowed us to begin harvesting botrytis-affected grapes from the 7th September! Wind, humidity provided by the Ciron, and afternoon heat... a perfect cocktail for optimal, even concentration. In 1 month, the harvest was done. Everything went perfectly smoothly. This vintage is one for the history books
- Chateau Guiraud