• 2020 Marchesi Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico 375ml

2020 Marchesi Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico 375ml

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Climate: Chianti Classico’s 2020 growing season started out with mild and dry winter weather, the only exception was one short cold spell at the end of March.   These climatic conditions prompted significantly early bud break but did not compromise the vines’ growth cycle. Optimal vegetative development took place in the second half of spring thanks to rainy and rather cool weather. Summer brought hot temperatures without extreme heat events and occasional rain showers that ensured perfect development of grapes clusters. The month of September, when the harvest got underway, saw an intensification of rainfall especially during the second half of the month. These events did not have any adverse effects on the overall quality of the grapes and were beneficial to complete optimal phenolic maturity. Harvesting operations for Pèppoli began on September 17th and was completed the first week of October.
Vinification: Each grape variety was harvested separately, destemmed, gently crushed, and transferred into stainless steel tanks. Alcoholic fermentation took place at a controlled temperature between 26 and 28 °C (80 – 82 °F) to enhance aromatic compounds and preserve the fruity and floral notes of each grape variety. Maceration was performed with mechanical methods to best extract soft, supple tannins over a period of 10 days for Sangiovese and for a maximum of two weeks for the complementary varieties. Once malolactic fermentation was completed, by the end of the winter season, the wine was blended and transferred into barrels. Pèppoli aged in large Slavonian oak barrels and a small percentage was aged in stainless steel vats. The wine was bottled in January 2022.
Historical Data: The Pèppoli vineyards produce a Chianti Classico that is a blend made from Sangiovese grapes and complementary varieties; Pèppoli is recognized and appreciated for the full expression of its fruit. A wine that represents the Chianti Classico territory and its historic grape variety with typical floral and fruity aromas. Pèppoli was first produced in 1985 and since 2013 part of the harvest undergoes vinification at the Antinori nel Chianti Classico cellars.
Tasting Notes: Pèppoli 2020 is ruby red in color. On the nose, Pèppoli delivers intense notes of red fruit, especially cherries, currants and strawberries accompanied by floral undertones of violets and lavender with light, spicy hints of licorice. Its palate is defined by a soft entry, accompanied by lively sensations, and sustained by ripe tannins that lead to a fresh, savory finish.
- Marchesi Antinori