• 2022 Wilkie Wines Midnight Dilemma Shiraz

2022 Wilkie Wines Midnight Dilemma Shiraz

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Tasting Notes

Deep Purple - Medium-bodied - Fine Tannins

Blackcurrant - Stewed Plumb - Blueberry - Blackcurrant - Spice - Eucalypt

The depth of the purple hue implies BIG Heathcote Shiraz, which the Midnight Dillema is not. The wine is, instead, soft and plush with a medium body and fine tannins. Heaps of blueberry, blackcurrant, stewed plumb, spice and eucalypt shine through making it a fantastic wine to pair with food. 


For Midnight Dilemma, Kate Lewis painted one of the horses from the farm I grew up on. The painting gets better every time I look at it - the shimmer on the horse’s black coat and the eye-catching blue-on-orange stripes get me every time. The painting represents the starkly opposing directions a decision can take you, especially one made at midnight.


Incredibly clean fruit was delicately handled with frequent pump-overs to introduce oxygen to the ferment which promotes yeast health, red fruit characters and softer tannins. After fermentation and a light pressing, the Midnight Dilemma was transferred to neutral French oak for full malo and 10 months of relaxation. It remained unfiltered and unfined and was bottled in January, 2023.


Being a smaller, family-owned vineyard, a lot of care goes into canopy management. Practices such as shoot thinning are used to concentrate the vines’ energy into producing fewer, higher-quality bunches. Such techniques also minimise reliance on pesticides.

The vineyard lies on the east-facing side of the Mount Camel Range. The range was formed on a fault line with nutrient-rich, Cambrian-aged* metabasalts being forced to the surface. The mixing of these decomposed metabasalts with seafloor sediments (chert, jasper, siltstone etc.) provides the strikingly red, iron-rich, well-draining soil that makes this site so desirable. 

*The basaltic rock is referred to as being "Cambrian" as it was formed during the Cambrian period, approximately 485-540 million years ago

Wine Region

Heathcote, Victoria

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