• Daosa Natural Reserve Sparkling

Daosa Natural Reserve Sparkling

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Piccadilly Valley, SA
Pinot Noir 89%, Chardonnay 11%
This is the fifth release of our DAOSA Natural Réserve from our Piccadilly Valley vineyards. This wine is a Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blend, made following the principles of our Method ClassicTM. The wine shows classic Pinot Noir characters with subtle strawberry notes and ripe Chardonnay fruit on the middle palate, tempered by a fine bead and a beautiful complexity and length from the Réserve wines. A classic example of Australian sparkling wine, made in the traditional method.
The fruit is sourced from several high altitude vineyard sites in the Piccadilly Valley, most of them with eastern aspects. All vineyards are on clay soils, with the geological formations mainly Basket Range Sandstone, Woolshed Flat Shale or Barossa Complex. All the vineyards are at a minimum altitude of 500m, and were planted in the 1980s and 1990s. The Piccadilly vineyards are all managed by Terre à Terre, following the same strict management practices as the Crayères Vineyard, i.e. hand pruning (Guyot Double), shoot thinning, green harvest to control yields, and hand harvesting.
The climate in the Piccadilly Valley has a long-term average of 1,172 degree days during the growing season. Yearly rainfall is approximately 1,100mm. Whilst the 2019/2020 growing season started warmer than average, the temperatures post-véraison were cooler than average with a higher than average rainfall, creating perfect conditions for the ripening of our sparkling base varieties. Yields are very low (similar to 2014 and 2019, especially for Chardonnay), and quality for sparkling base is superb in 2020, with very good acidities and flavour profiles.
DAOSA is made following the Méthode Traditionnelle (Method ClassicTM ), the method used in the Champagne region of France. Perfectly ripe Pinot Noir fruit for sparkling was hand- harvested in mid March 2020. The fruit was whole bunch pressed, retaining only 580L per tonne of fruit pressed. This gave very fresh acidity, clean juice and good primary fruit characters in the juice prior to fermentation. The juice was fermented cool in a stainless- steel tank. Once primary fermentation was completed, the wine went through malolactic fermentation in tank. Before tiraging, the wine was blended (assemblage) with some 2018 and 2019 Réserve Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (20% Reserve wines in the final blend), aged in old barrels without sulphur. The wine was then "tiraged" in October 2020 by the addition of yeast and sugar to the wine just before bottling in order to induce the secondary fermentation in bottle. The resultant sparkling wine was aged for at least 18 months in bottle before being disgorged with the addition of a very low dosage of 5.5g/L in 2022.
- Terre a Terre