• 2018 Musso Pora Barbaresco

2018 Musso Pora Barbaresco

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Barbaresco, Piemonte
Soil: this is an historical vineyard, about 2 and a half hectares, with mainly limestone and frequent intersections of clay. For this the soil is complete and compact and particularly suitable for the cultivation of Nebbiolo.
Exposition: From west to south-west

Altitude: between 240 and 280 meters above sea level
Vinification: hand harvested, the grapes are crushed and de-stemmed at the cellar. Then, the vinification follows a traditional method in steel containers. The maceration lasts about 20 days and has an immersed cap with periodic pumpovers. The fermentation temperatures oscillate between 28 and 30° C.
Maturation: after racking, the new wine matures in oak barrels of 50 hectoliters for 12 months and then for another 10-12 months in barrels of 20 hectoliters.
Bottling: after this period of evolution, Barbaresco “Pora” is bottled in the summer of the second year after harvest. The bottled wine is stored in the winery for about 7-8 months. Then, finally, it is ready for the market and consumption.
Tasting notes: Barbaresco “Pora” is a very expressive and grand wine: starting with the color, a red garnet decidedly intact and pure without wavering; the scent is ethereal, very rich in fragrant scents such as cherries, raspberries and wild strawberries along with hints of dried flowers. The next flavors to arrive are spiced with cinnamon and vanilla. The flavor is consistent: full bodied, intense, enveloping and with fine mature tannins.
Food Pairings: an important wine wanted to be accompanied by important dishes. For this, Barbaresco “Pora” is a classic wine red meat. Traditionally it was approached with a preference for game meat, today it’s complexity and fullness do well with all red meat cooked in various ways, from roasts, stews and braised local cuisine as well as international dishes. With the passage of time and the maturation of the wine, Barbaresco does not always need a gastronomic pairing, but can be enjoyed by itself that articulates thoughts and emotions. A wine of meditation.
- Musso