• 2019 Haus Wines Shiraz

2019 Haus Wines Shiraz

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Shiraz from Byrne Vineyard
- Picked ripe, aged in French oak for complexity, full malolactic fermentation for roundness. 
- The Chilled Red is a deep purple, light-medium bodied wine with soft, delicate tannins and notes of ripe red fruits such as stewed plumb, cherry and blackcurrant.

The wines started their journey in SA and were finished and finessed by Tom Morrison of Wilkie Wines in VIC. They're both vegan-friendly and unfined. Tom firmly believes that fining wines, though very common in commercial wineries, strips them of their unique year-to-year characteristics and takes away one of the most important components, the mouthfeel. In choosing not to use fining agents in his wines he avoids using any animal products. The Chardonnay and Shiraz were made to be enjoyed by all as they bridge the gap between conventional and natural styles.
- Haus Wines