• 2019 Platinati Guido Colline Novaresi Vespolina

2019 Platinati Guido Colline Novaresi Vespolina

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Colline Novaresi
This wine embodies the honest and gentle soul of the land from which it is made. The Vespolina grapes are the first to be harvested and are fermented in contact with the skins for a maximum of 5 days in steel vats. After racking, aging continues in steel vats for a minimum of 6 months followed by further bottle aging for at least another 4 months.
The intense fruity, youthful and slight minerality of the bouquet gives way to a smooth, fresh mouthfeel, which is enlivened by its light, pleasant acidity. A balance of light flavours interwoven with a decisive spiciness, which is a characteristic of this grape variety.
- Platinetti Guido