• 2022 COS Rami

2022 COS Rami

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Vittoria, Sicily
Grecanico 50%, Insolia 50%
Area of production: Fontane, Bastonaca, Vittoria (RG), South-East of Sicily.
Grapes varieties: Grecanico 50%, Insolia 50%.
Agriculture: Organic.
Altitude: 230 Meters a.s.l.
Soil: red soil, medium consistency; formed of sub-apennine sands of Pliocene origin, of limestone-siliceous nature.
Training system: Guyot.
Planting density: 5.000 vines/hectare.
Average age of vines in production: 12 years.
Harvest period: September.
Fermentation: spontaneous on the skins with indigenous yeasts.
Aging: concrete tanks and bottle.