• 2021 Musso Dolcetto d'Alba

2021 Musso Dolcetto d'Alba

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Alba, Piemonte

How it was born

The harvest is a crucial phase for the Dolcetto vine because, in the presence of unfavorable climatic situations, it tends to drop part of its berries. Manual harvesting is therefore essential and must be conducted with caution. After pressing the bunches with destemming, the must develops alcoholic fermentation with a short maceration (5-6 days) in thermo-conditioned steel vats, so that the processing temperatures do not exceed 23-25 °C. Once the alcoholic fermentation is completed, the wine continues with the malolactic one for greater stability. Then, it remains to rest for a few months in steel containers.

How to drink it

At the table, Dolcetto d’Alba demonstrates all its versatility and elegantly accompanies the dishes of an entire meal, even if it prefers meat-based starter dishes, fresh and medium-aged cured meats, cheeses and fondue, fast and informal cuisine dishes.
- Musso