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Mirbi MoncraVer Vermouth Morenico

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Blueberries, wine and honey come together in a dance of flavors and fragrances at the foot of the Morainic Amphitheater. 
Vermouth was born at the end of the eighteenth century in Turin, becoming the drink of choice, first of the Savoy family and then of the Italian aristocracy and bourgeoisie. Today a precious version of it is born in Moncrivello, a town in whose medieval castle lived Charles II, one of the fathers of Piedmontese alchemy.
MoncraVER is a Vermouth based on Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG (100%), Morainic blueberry, local honey and precious herbs and spices, according to an exclusive and secret recipe.
With a lively pink color.
The label is a tribute in the pose of the figures to Botticelli's SPRING, one of the masterpieces of the Renaissance, a Renaissance that we also find in this product, a tribute to the Moncrivellos and its territorial excellence.
The three female figures want to represent the three components of Vermouth: ERBALUCE, HONEY, BLUEBERRY. In the intertwining of the figures, through this mythological embrace / dance, Morainic Vermouth comes to life. All around, in a small way, some peasants representing the rural world; the three nymphs dance on the small town and on the moraine hill.
The idea of union is also reflected in the choice of the name MONCRAVER: it arises from the union of two Piedmontese terms Moncravel "(Moncrivello) and Ver (glass glass) and, by extension, we can therefore define Moncraver as" the glass of the country ".
Made in the area in collaboration with the historic F.lli Revel Chion Distillery.

The processed products come exclusively from organic blueberries from our crops.
De.CO certified
- Mirbi